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Saturday 27th May

11:00 am: Memorial celebration at the Cossack Cemetery, Lienz. Orthodox service with Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany. Among the participants were Cossacks from all over the globe, Honor Guards of Austrian veteran associations and traditional associations such as the Kaiserjäger, Hessen JR 14 from Upper Austria...

Afterwards followed lunch with association members, Cossacks, members of different Austrian groups and traditional units.

07:00 pm: General Assembly with the talk “Konstantin Kargin. Biography of a Cossack before and after Lienz” by Irina Kargina (Moscow).

We thank all who took part in both events in 2017.  We gratefully appreciate the support and donations from around the globe.

Further projects:

In a series of lectures the association informs pupils and the public in East Tyrol about the fate of the Cossacks and the events in 1945.

Together with partner institutions we reach out to schools, teachers in Tyrol and the University of Innsbruck. In lectures and workshops they learn about the Cossacks during World War II and the Forced Repatriation in 1945. So they experience Tyrolian history as part of global history.  With articles in collected volumes and magazines, we inform the public and scientific community about the fate of the Cossacks in Lienz.


Wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung, Erinnerungskultur und Völkerverständigung stehen im Zentrum unserer Arbeit.

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